raw vegetables and fruits BIO

BIO vegetables and BIO fruits (fresh) available in the vegan online store VegeVege.pl.

Healthy vegetables and healthy fruits are with us so you already know where to buy fresh, organic food. Real food - this is the best we can offer our body. No supplements or drugs can replace the proper, balanced nutrition that is possible thanks to organic food available at your fingertips (or click in our store - add to the basket).

Just as we can send a single carrot, we can also get along and send regular packages with vegetables at a good price. Sometimes it's good to buy more for less and have an optimal supply of food for yourself, your family or guests. For regular customers and customers we have gifts and discounts.

In the past, the quality of food did not matter.

Previously, there was no need to take special care to find healthy food - it was just that available - N A T U R A L N E (now called "real" or "BIO"). What is natural is healthy, and BIO products (unprocessed!) Are the best. Other? They have everything. It can not be said that any non-bio product is unhealthy - it would not be true. Simply, in the case of the most easily available and the cheapest food of origin, we will not know much, and even more so about how many pesticides or other substances are found in vegetables or fruits. In the case of conventional products, there are more frequent abuses, because the crops are not so strictly controlled (and producers of real food, natural, BIO have much more competition than practicing conventional, "spicy" vegetables and fruits).

Rules for ordering fresh vegetables and fruits from us in the online store: Orders for raw vegetables and fruits are taken UNBELY by 11:00 (the earliest on Tuesday). The price list of fresh vegetables and fruit is changed every Friday morning. All certified BIO products.

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