Edit: 8.02 2018 - Ludwik found the house : - )

Red-white male Ludwik, and after what I saw on the video - Ludwig van.

Ludwik does quite well with the tablet. In the break from training on the keys he took up his favorite game (links to youtube video below)

- R.S.

Ludwik's cat # 1


Ludwik's cat # 2


And we received this message:


Information about the cat:

Ludwik, about 5 months - white in red patches.

The vet ruled, "nothing will come of him anymore" and directed Ludwik to sleep. Ludwik had a different opinion. He recovered and is now looking for a good home.

Ludwik is not a sickly chucher. It is energetic, strong and fast. He is also very determined and inquisitive - he is interested in every move and every stroking. You will definitely know when to stroke him.
He is sociable, but he likes to quietly retreat to his secret base and disappear (one secret base is behind the sofa, the other under the tub, but I do not look there, the secret is a secret;))

At home he maintains cleanliness, hassle-free contact with other cats and dogs, knows how to be alone and does not make a mess.

The cat has undergone chlamydia. It is already healthy, now we treat the effects of the disease - as a result of it is characteristically breathing, but this symptom subsides. Regular eye drops are also necessary.

A cat under the care of the Masz Masz Foundation - we help animals.

Temporary house: Łódź.

No matter where Ludwik's house waits, we will come.

Contact w.s. adoption: 694 508 966

- Bożena