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Kala Namak salt, Himalayan black salt is highly valued by vegans - black salt is used to imitate the smell / taste of chicken eggs. It is used, for example, for seasoning tofu. Himalayan salt black (1kg) Kala Namak black salt - online store

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It is a natural salt extracted from about 400 - 600 m deep.

Without chemical impurities, it is not bleached.

Ingredients: black salt Kala Namak finely ground 100%.

Unrefined, it does not contain anti-caking agent.

Kala Namak consists mainly of iron chloride and a trace amount of sodium sulphate, iron sulphide and hydrogen sulfide. Sodium chloride (table salt) gives Kala Namak a salty taste, iron sulfide adds a pink color, other sulfur compounds are responsible for a slightly bitter taste and hydrogen sulfide gives the egg an odor.

Kala Namak is highly appreciated by vegans who use it to imitate the taste of eggs, for example, it is used to season tofu, resulting in a dish resembling an egg salad or tofucznica.

Recommended daily intake of 6 grams.

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