Pecans BIO 100g BIO PLANET

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100g. Pecans are one of the noblest species of nuts. Manufacturer: Bio Planet

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The English word pecan comes from the Algonquin Indian language and means "a walnut too hard to crush your hand" or - more broadly - "something to crush with just a tool." Pickled cucumber (Carya illinoinensis), also called pecans - a species of tree belonging to the nutshell family. Naturally occurring in North America, in the United States, and in Mexico.

Similar to walnuts, they are characterized by butteriness and aroma, lacking in bitterness. Pastries give a spicy taste. It can be used as a supplement to nuts, cakes, cakes and ice cream desserts. They also taste great as an appetizer. They are the primary ingredient in the popular pecan pie in the United States, as well as the famous New Orleans praline.

Nutritional value in 100g:
ENERGY VALUE - 721 kcal (2970 kJ)
- 9.2
FAT - 72