Natural soybean yogurt BIO 400g SOJADE vegan

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Natural soybean yoghurt BIO 400g SOJADE at online shop. Vegan, with live cultures of bacteria - are NOT bred on zoological products.

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Light. Ingredients are GMO-free. Yogurt Sojade is made from the finest ingredients and soybeans from France. Serve chilled.

Composition: Soybean Drink * 99% (water, peeled Soybean Grain * 9.2%), selected bacterial cultures (Bifidus and Acidophilus).

* ingredients from organic farming, covered by F-SC-093 control certificate.


Producer (SOJADE): Fresh Sojade desserts contain live bacterial cultures. They are necessary in fermented desserts. These bacteria are NOT reared on zoological products. In summary, the Sojade range of products meets the expectations of customers who have chosen the vegan diet