Coffee 500g arabica robusta ground BIO LEBENSBAUM

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Ground coffee arabica / robusta BIO 500g. Manufacturer: LEBENSBAUM. Large container of aromatic coffee, but at the same time its very strong ecological mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee.

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Research conducted in 2005 shows that coffee contains far more antioxidants, or chemicals that inhibit the aging process of cells. Although fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of them, but as the research shows, human body consumes more of these compounds from coffee. * What of course does not mean that we should eat coffee :-) It is enough to brew and feel the aroma.

Composition: Arabica Coffee *, Robusta Coffee * (* Certified Organic Ingredient)

PREPARATION: Brew with a filter. The optimum amount is 1 scoop for a cup of coffee. Use boiled slightly cooled water.

RECOMMENDED STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a dry and cool place. When opened, store in a tightly closed container.