Whipped cream 200ml Schlagfix - spray

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Whipped cream 200ml Schlagfix. A real vegan whipped cream! Use it for desserts, cakes, cakes, fruit, ice cream, cappuccino, coffee, chocolate drinks .... and more;)

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Light and sweet spray cream.

Ingredients: water, vegetable fat (15%), sugar (10%), corn syrup, soya protein isolate, emulsifiers: E471, E481, E435, salt, aroma, stabilizer: carrageenan, color: beta-carotene, nitrous oxide *

* diffusing substance (propellant) in can packaging - Food-info

Producer: Schlagfix

Nutritional values per 100g:
energy 884 kJ / 213 kcal,
fat 26 g, of which sat 15.2 g,
carbohydrates 18.1 g, including sugars 12.8 g,
fiber 0,0 g,
0.45 g protein,
salt, 0.17 g.

information on allergenic ingredients: no lactose and no gluten, no nuts.

Schlagfix aerosol spray:

  •      brilliant texture, long-term stability
  •      without ingredients of animal origin (no milk, no lactose)
  •      no bad cholesterol
  •      great taste!
  •      reasonable calorific value
  •      halal and kosher certificate

We recommend it :-) (bita śmietana wegańska)