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Vege 02/2018 (111) Melanie Joy, a lion in the garden (with bad fashion for the exotic), cuisine of St. Valentine's (sweets for lovers), conscience and feeding (does veggie feeds dog and cat), Anna Matysiak, Kenya - Viva - magazine - magazine

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Vege 02/2018 (111) - Viva - magazine - magazine

In this issue, read:

on topic

3 Saints Walenty among animals
about the love of birds, wolves and other non-human beings that connects for life
6 love with each other
narcissus is hidden in each of us: where the healthy boundaries end, and begins disease?

good karma

8 sweet taste of love
quick desserts after supper for two or for a single debauchery
10 pasta otherwise
colorful and low calorie dinner with carrots and kohlrabi in the main roles
12 for temptation
it's worth to let some sweet madness in the kitchen
14 flavors of Asia
all you need is some oriental ingredients to go in your own home to go on a culinary journey
16 a dessert in the blink of an eye
coconut manna cotta, which is worth being seduced

on health

22 healthy revolution
on the importance of diet and exercise on the example of two participants of the VivaZdrowie program

in reflection

22 for beautiful ... uda!
chocolate - cellulite puffer, dry skin saver
30 ice love and sorcery
magic of winter make-up

Vege talking

34 I do not like extremes
with Anna Matysiak, actress and dancer, we talk about a career, a revolution in nourishment and self-esteem
42 do not forget about respect
with Melanie Joy, psychologist, activist , the author of popular books, we talk about the art of persuasion and why
people eat meat


46 conscience and feeding
about a vegan diet ... carnivorous animals
50 do not give me a crocodile
about fashion for exotic animals that has mastered Poland

we'll make it through

78 presents from Kupidyna
what to give to a vegan on the occasion of Valentine's Day

on the move

64 run in a church climate
sunny Sardinia with runners eyes
70 paradise and hell in one
Kenya is a country of contrasts that changes the hearts of animal lovers

yes I think

82 enamored world is a cute
animal once enamored with us, will never stop
78 ambassadors of millions
about the role of sanctuaries for animals in times of boundless cruelty