Set of christmas teas BIO (24 pieces) 42g LEBENSBAUM en

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Dozens of teas, herbs and plants in a tea set! CALENDAR BOWL (TEA) BIO (24 pieces) 46,25 g - LEBENSBAUM

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Set contains 24 bio tea in sachets (Rooibos, Earl Gray, Green, Black, Herbal, Fruit).

The product contains liquorice.

NOTES: Seasonal product - available from October to December.

ALLERGIC INFORMATION: Contains liquorice - suffer from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.
RECOMMENDED STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a dry and cool place.

Earl Gray (Black with natural Bergamot)
Blütenkuss (Floral Kiss)
Beeren-Waldmeister (Berries)
Schoko Chai (Chocolate Chai)
Ingwer-Orange (Ginger-Orange)
Feiner Winter Kräutertee (winter herbal tea - soothing and sharp)
Janosch Süßschnabel-Tee (Apples with Quince will make you sweet)
Grüner Chai (Green Chai)
Kinder-Kräutertee (Herbal For Children)
Janosch Tigertee
Süßer Winter Früchtetee (fruit sweetness of winter - fruit with cinnamon, cloves and orange peel)
Rooibos Apfel-Vanille (Rooibos Apple-Vanilla)
Süßer Chai (Sweet Chai - Indian national beverage - Indian spice tea)
Jasmin Grüntee (Green with Jasmine)
Schwarzer Chai (Black Chai)
Abendtraum (Night Dream)
Sanddorn-Cranberry (Sea-buckthorn)
Brennnessel-Zitrone (Nettle-Lemon)
Honeybush Schok (Honeybush with Chocolate)
Würziger Winter Schwarztee (fragrant in winter Black - aromatic and warming)
Rooibos Lemon (Rooibos Lemon - refreshing with citta and cranberry)
Janosch Waldbärentee (Forest Vanilla with Vanilla)