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Vegan mayonnaise produced by Vitaquell find a good place for sandwiches or in salads. It is unmistakable, but thanks to the corresponding spices it resembles the taste of mayonnaise.

250ml BIO. Manufacturer: Vitaquell

This vegan mayonnaise is in the forefront of online stores - plus BIO. We check regularly - it is delicious.

INGREDIENTS: sunflower oil * (50%), water, sugar cane *, vinegar brandy *, mustard seed *, apple vinegar *, sea salt, protein, pea, dekrtroza *, thickening agent: Guar gum *, curry * (contains celery *) (contains celery)

(certified organic ingredient)

ALLERGIC INFORMATION: This product contains celery and mustard.
Energy 1943kJ / 472kcal
Fat: 50g;
including saturated acids: 6g;
Carbohydrates: 4.5g;
including sugars: 4,5g;
Protein: 0.92g;
Salt: 1.1g

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